Pre-Hurricane Conference 2023

The 2022 Atlantic hurricane season is an upcoming event in the annual tropical cyclone season in the Northern Hemisphere. The season officially begins on June 1, 2023, and ends on November 30, 2023. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) will begin issuing regular Tropical Weather Outlooks on May 15, 2023, about two weeks prior to the start of the season.

IFRC’s Americas Regional Office will be hosting the Pre-Hurricane Conference, prioritizing the efforts on the support of effective hurricane preparedness for the Red Cross Movement and its partners in the Americas Region.  Following the success of the previous virtual conferences in terms of the level of participation, this year, the Conference will be hosted once again online with a special focus on the big impact y caused by small and medium-scale emergencies and how they influence our response, this year the conference will take place on May 17th and 18th,  2023.

This 2023 Pre-Hurricane Conference will consider the lessons learned from the 2022 emergency operations where the National Societies in the America Region responded to a wide variety of disasters and crises that took place during the last hurricane season. We will reflect on the lessons learned and will collectively address some of the most pressing preparedness and response issues that we might face in 2023.

We invite you to SAVE THE DATES in your calendars and soon we will provide you with more details about the conference agenda, information about our panels and forums, detail about how to register to participate, and more.

Red Cross leadership, volunteers, and staff, as well as people from the humanitarian world, media, and the general public, are invited to join this virtual event.